Hello and welcome to my first Blog.

Ziploc BagAfter the passing of my dear mother, I found myself going through boxes of her belongings and not to my surprise there were hundreds of old photos. As I was looking through one shoe box, on the bottom was a ziploc bag. Inside were just a handful of pictures that I had seen before, but when I looked closer at these memories I realized what I was looking at. It was a small representation of our life. At this moment the value of the priceless memories did not belong in a box, they deserve to be on display for us to enjoy. The old saying of “You can’t see the trees for the forest” is an understatement for me and what I now have in my hands. Of all the new family and business portraits I have created over the years in my photography career, how could I have missed this? After sharing these images and a few tears with my wife and daughter, we proceeded to do what I do best. I scanned, colour corrected and enlarged these photos to produce a framed wall photo that now hang proudly in my home. As more and more people see these framed enlargements and commented that they also have the same boxes of pictures hidden away in their basements.

Fast forward a couple of months and some updated equipment and here we are. Now my main focus on my business is to help others take their old photos and bring them back to life for everyone to enjoy. Thank you and I look forward to working with you to revitalize your family memories.

Please read the article that appeared in the Local paper.