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Lindsay Home Show

This weekend is the Lindsay Home Show, March 13 - 15, 2020,  where we will be showcasing our restoration of old family photos and [...]

Lindsay Home Show2021-07-26T10:59:17-04:00

Wedding Day

After 25 plus years of photographing weddings, some small and some outrageous, photos are still the only way to document that day. Sometimes people [...]

Wedding Day2020-02-25T23:17:10-05:00

No Scissors

How many times have I seen pictures cut to fit a frame too small? I have done it too, but hopefully the photo will [...]

No Scissors2020-02-26T16:40:37-05:00

100 Year Old Original

This 100 year old photograph of my great grandfather is an excellent example of how stable photographs from this era can still look as [...]

100 Year Old Original2021-07-26T11:25:28-04:00

Ripped Photo

This picture is just one of many that I had the pleasure of working on. Many images of Mr. Draper during WW2 and with [...]

Ripped Photo2020-02-12T22:08:37-05:00

Silly Tee-Shirts

The feeling of warmth of the summer sun with my sister and cousin around 1970. I remember these silly tee-shirts we got but don't [...]

Silly Tee-Shirts2020-02-12T22:10:38-05:00

Black and White

This is another ziploc image that was worthy of mentioning. In this photo taken in August of 1958 at my uncles cottage are my [...]

Black and White2020-02-24T15:28:44-05:00

Faded Photo

Faded photographs are another common problem. Daylight has UV rays which are not good for any image. Over time the vibrance and details fade [...]

Faded Photo2020-02-24T16:34:23-05:00

Picture of My Mom

Here is one of those pictures I found in that ziploc bag.  (see previous post) A picture of my mother probably when my parents [...]

Picture of My Mom2020-02-24T15:17:54-05:00

Ziploc Bag

Hello and welcome to my first Blog. After the passing of my dear mother, I found myself going through boxes of her belongings and [...]

Ziploc Bag2020-02-24T15:30:32-05:00
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