Thank you for all your feedback and questions about photo restoration.
As I can understand, the most asked question is how much does it cost? My answer is always. “It depends on the condition of your photo, what size print you will want and how long it will take to do the digital work”.
All work starts with a High-resolution scan to allow proper restoration to be done on the image. High-resolution scans are the first step and most important part of my process which will allow prints to be made 16×20 inches or larger. The more damage on the photo, the more it will cost ( see samples of damaged photos on past posts ). Another factor in the cost is the final print size.  If you would like to get additional, larger or framed prints for display, these are based on size and finishing.
Now compare the tangible cost to how much your memories of someone special are worth.
My home is filled with large and small photos of family and events of days gone by that can never be replaced if lost. They are priceless to me.
Looking forward to helping you restore and create your new family memories.
Terry Fox